Semiautomatic Net Weigh Scales DVSV-N is for packing of free-flowing products in open mouth bags from 0,1 up to 10 kg.

The mechanical Net Weigh Scale DVSV-N of a lever type doesn’t require electrical power or compressed air for operation.

The Semiautomatic Net Weigh Scale DVSV-N is ideal for use in bagging the following free-flowing products: sugar, grains, groats, seeds, rice, coffee, chemical substances, granulated materials.


  • High productivity and accuracy of batching.
  • Accuracy of batching is secured by Net Weigh Scale DVSV-N automatically.
  • Operating the Net Weigh Scale DVSV-N does not require special training of an operator.
  • Parts of the Net Weigh Scale DVSV-N which are in contact with substances, are made of stainless steel.
  • Installation and service does not require special training of a staff.
  • The Net Weigh Scale DVSV-N can be used for service of several bunkers with free-flowing product.


(Maximal productivity)

1kg-sacks per hour 1000
10kg-sacks per hour 700
Accuracy class 0,1
max. Weight, kg 135
Overal dimentions, mm 800x600x500



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