The Gross Weigh Scale DVSV-M is used for packing bulk products in packages and open-mouth sacks from 5 kg up to 70 kg.


The main types of products: sugar, seeds, groats, animal feed, grain coffee, salt, cereals, mineral fertilizers, washing powders, fuel granules (pellets), dry construction mixtures, plastic granules, etc.

Min. Weight, kg5
Max. Weight, kg70
Discreteness, kg0,005
Accuracy class (gost 24619)0.1
Productivity, 50kg-sacks per hour400
Overall dimensions, mm800х600х500
Weight, kg115
*The Gross Weigh Scale and the mounting plate, which should be welded to the funnel/silos, are included in the scope of delivery. The Gross Weigh Scale is screwed to the mounting plate. The construction with the funnel/silos, which is in the photo, is not included in the scope of delivery.

Terms of Use:

Ambient temperaturefrom – 50 °С to +50 °С
Warranty, months12
Service life, not less, years10

Description of the Gross Weigh Scale DVSV-M:

The principle of operation of the Gross Weigh Scale DVSV-M is based on the cyclic packaging of doses of a given weight into open-mouth sacks. Stages of the dosing process:

  1. The operator puts the bag on the mouth of the Gross Weigh Scale DVSV-M.
  2. Opens the gate, thereby starting the dosing process.
  3. When the specified weight is reached, the Gross Weigh Scale DVSV-M automatically stops the dosing process.